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The digital marketing sphere can be intimidating. There are 35 million status updates, 500 million tweets and 205 billion emails sent per day! The swarm of content on our newsfeed is overwhelming, unnecessary and quite frankly irrelevant. Scrolling through feeds is time consuming and tedious, so why not make your digital life easier and streamline relevant content directly to you? (more…)

Are you stuck in the social media slow lane?

Heath Marketing Social Media Traffic DrivingThe most successful websites are those that are continually expanding by adding new content for their visitors to sink their teeth into. If you’re not updating your content, you’re not attracting new audiences or exciting your existing ones.  Visitors won’t rock up unless there is something new and exciting to see or read – so what will move your website from the slow lane into the superfast highway? (more…)

Are you living in a Digital or Litho age?

Design With today’s technology it may seem crazy to think that we still use promotional printing material to market our products and services. But let’s be honest, technology is brilliant but it just doesn’t compare in so many ways to print. Promotional print is a perfect reminder of your brand, services and products, and should be a crucial part of your integrated marketing strategy. (more…)

Are you winking in the dark?

We posted an amusing quote on Facebook last week that went something like this …

winking (2)

And it made me laugh – in fact it made a number of people laugh.  But then I got to thinking about press and broadcast – and how so few of us want to ‘advertise’ now.  Much of this is down to digital marketing of course, but advertising, whether print or broadcast does still have purpose.


Marketing Data Lists – What are they and why are they useful?

Here at Heath Marketing, we are delighted to now be able to offer B2B marketing data lists to our clients in South Wales and UK-wide.

Whether you’re a new business just trying to discover your target market or an established company with a specific campaign, data lists can be a great tool to aid your marketing pan.

So, what are they and why exactly are they useful?

Data lists are exactly what they say they are; they are lists of data.

In our case, we provide lists of businesses with whom when you make contact, would hopefully become your clients!

You identify your key target criteria related to the customer profile you are targeting; e.g. location by town, city, postcode areas, trading years, number of employees, turnover etc. and we’ll send you an excel spreadsheet with businesses that meet your criteria.

With an accurate data list, the more you can contact the right prospects, develop a relationship and a clearer understanding of them. The better you know your prospects, the more equipped you are to convert them into a client.

Marketing data lists and being able to filter them by the criteria mentioned above can result in numerous benefits:

  • You save time and money by being able to target the correct audience and ideal customers
  • You are able to reach and find new audiences to whom you may market your services
  • Data lists are usually available within an hour after request and can be bought in full or in portions – this means you can quickly get a return on your investment and can buy from any budget level
  • By targeting companies that would be interested in your services, you are more likely to get a genuine response. Whether that is to purchase your product or say “no thanks”, it opens the channel for communication and relationship growth for the future

If you are interested in B2B marketing data lists for your business and would like to discuss our offering further, then please contact us by calling 01443 842981 or emailing us.