Don’t cut the branch you’re sitting on


Cutting branch, Social Media, Marketing, Taffs Well, Cardiff, South Wales, Heath MarketingOn Tuesday, JD Weatherspoon cut the branch it was sitting on by announcing they were going to quit social media. For a business that boasts the free use of WIFI in their pubs, this decision is, well, weird.  Tim Martin, Chairman of JD Weatherspoon said: “It’s becoming increasingly obvious that people spend too much time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and struggle to control the compulsion.”  Arguably, we do spend too much time on social media, especially as marketers. But is one British pub chain taking a stand going to change this? Absolutely not. Customers are going to consume other content rather than give up on social media completely. Weatherspoon’s problem may have simply been that they have never really embraced social media strategically.


Are you stuck in the social media slow lane?

Heath Marketing Social Media Traffic DrivingThe most successful websites are those that are continually expanding by adding new content for their visitors to sink their teeth into. If you’re not updating your content, you’re not attracting new audiences or exciting your existing ones.  Visitors won’t rock up unless there is something new and exciting to see or read – so what will move your website from the slow lane into the superfast highway? (more…)

A social Christmas?

December is well underway and we are now fully immersed in the Christmas countdown and the marketing that goes hand in hand with it.

Businesses everywhere will be issuing their various festive newsletters, emails, and whatever else they have planned, in the hope that as the big day draws near, the consumers increasing urgency to purchase the perfect gift and their Christmas spirit can be maximised.