Marketing Mentoring

Do you have a graduate responsible for marketing your business,  with a good knowledge of marketing principles, but not practical experience?  Or perhaps a member of staff who has been landed with the marketing your business even though it isn’t their true skill set? If you do, our marketing mentoring service is just for you!

We’ll allocate a member of our team to regularly spend time on-site with your marketing staff member and support them on a practical, and strategic level.

At every marketing mentoring session, we’ll review what they’ve done during the previous month, discuss how that went and support them in their planning for the future month.

We also act as an accountability check; if marketing actions haven’t happened, we’ll find out why and support your team member to make that happen. This might need further physical resources, or the support of marketing and operational process.  Either way, we can help!

We offer a FREE initial marketing consultation