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Marketing Planning

Marketing planning sits very closely with business planning and is crucial to the success of your business.  Many startup businesses don’t begin with a marketing plan – and in all honesty, that’s fine.

It takes time to feel your feet, understand what customers want and what they’re prepared to pay for products and services.  Often our businesses morph into something we’d never even anticipated!

However, within 18 months, a marketing plan becomes essential. It provides focus, direction, sets objectives, provides tactical actions and measures so that you can see how well your marketing is performing.

We’ll work with you and run a workshop to identify your business and its current situation and develop realistic objectives and then tactics (marketing promotion) to achieve those objectives.

For micro and small businesses, this usually takes half a day, for larger businesses, it usually takes longer. And then off-site, we’ll build and action plan and present this back to you.

Developing your marketing plan is an important part of your business.  This is a chargeable service, however if you go on to work with us for a minimum of three months, we’ll give this to you absolutely FREE of charge.  We hope you’ll agree that there’s nothing to lose!

We offer a FREE initial marketing consultation