What we do - Heath Marketing Limited

Outsourced Marketing Services – South Wales

We offer a range of marketing services to suit micro, small and medium sized businesses.  Regardless of the sector you are in, the principles of marketing remain the same and so we can help you!

Our marketing services are all tailored to meet your specific needs, no matter of your business size.

Usually for the smallest or most young businesses that need to manage their cash carefully, but need to promote their business. We can help you practically without draining your cash reserves. Typical services taken by micro businesses include the following (although anything is possible):

Social Media Management
Email Marketing
Blog and Copywriting
Website Development
Marketing Mentoring

Smaller businesses that have been established for a while and are ready to go often need help in formalising their marketing activity. Sometimes, they just need an objective view of their products and services.  We have the tools and experience to help you do this in a meaningful way.  This includes:

Promotion: carrying out activity, or formalising your activity to ensure it carries on and delivers results

Lead generation: developing a tactical plan

Customer review: carrying out customer interviews to understand what part of your product and or service they value most. This can be used to inform all of your future product development and promotion

If you fit under this banner, and don’t already have a strategic marketing plan in place, call us. Our business markets are more competitive than ever, and are set to remain that way.   We can provide you with the hands on practical help you need, or give your staff the marketing guidance they need through training, or becoming a part of your team temporarily.

We offer a FREE initial marketing consultation