social media marketing

Social Media Management

Social media has become an essential part of your marketing toolkit – and many find it a headache to source and post fresh content.  Once upon a time, a strong social media presence put your brand ahead of the game. But now, it is another marketing tool that you must have just in order to keep up with your competitors and maintain your online visibility.

There are many platforms you could use, but we always suggest that you only choose the most appropriate ones, and use them well.

Social media can be time consuming, and this is where we come in. We’ll build a social media strategy that slots in with your business objectives and ensure that you maintain your presence well with a mix of freshly curated content and sales posts.  We’ll also respond to those who contact you if needed.

In addition to the ‘free’ posts, we’ll develop and manage your paid for campaigns. No headaches here –  it’s what we love to do!

How it works:

  • 7 posts on 2 platforms per week
  • Platforms include: Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn
  • A mixture of sales posts and value adding content
  • Picture posts and written status updates created by us
  • A mixture of sales and added-value/positioning posts developed by us
  • Videos, images and content created by others that can add value are shared
  • Sales content is scheduled weekly in advance, sharing content is reviewed 3 times per week
  • An analytics report is provided quarterly, or monthly on request

Set up:
It’s all very simple. After our briefing, you just need to give us access to your social media sites which we then maintain via our own software.